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Mothering is the best life has to offer- Vintage Velvet upholstery  - Quality over Quantity-Not giving up on something you think about everyday - readers make us feel like sexy librarians – Our kids are our hand print on the universe-Reading The New Yorker makes us interesting, using it later to disguise the mind-candy magazines we have hidden inside it is the perfect reuse - Homemade Halloween costumes - Lady parts are Art - Keeping our mojo after 40 - Hummus - Patent leather with any outfit - Not eating food that won't mold - Wearing black is European and forgiving – Heritage brands- long hot baths with essential oil - chocolate - hugs from our children – Any movie with Colin Firth- when you lie down your breasts should slide off of you like icing on a warm cake - comfy shoes - Unscented is a dirty word -Retailers-big or small we love them all - Selling Handmade, fair trade, made in USA is how we live our politics - Salty Sweet is the best treat - Men who nurture their children are hot - For every dollar spent on beauty, spend $5 on your mind. - Orders are great but reorders rule. - We don’t work for “the Man” - We believe the lipstick effect is an economic indicator. Melanie Griffith had some good goals:  head for business and a bod for sin: Read more and Kill your TV-shop local-speak your mind-be heard and not just seen, real power does not use fear as a motivator.

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